Legal risk assessment audit of your WEB page Website Compliance Review. Annex 18.1 ISO IEC 27001

We are leaders

Lex Program Online, S.L. is the leading Spanish provider of Website Compliance Review services (Annex 18 ISO 27001). We have a Web Compliance Review service which will tell you if you’re doing things right, what you can improve or, perhaps, what you’re doing wrong.

And sometimes mistakes can be made

100% of website owners say that they want to comply with the law. But they leave the implementation of that compliance in the hands of their web designers or unspecialised lawyers.

How does it work?

You get the service, and only pay 50% of the price. Next, within 72 hours, one of our expert Auditors-Reviewers will contact you to analyse your website.

As auditing techniques and tools we interview the person responsible, analyse the documentation and run a test on your website.

As a result, you get a legal report where we indicate the areas where you don’t comply and give you our recommendations.
The report is registered and comes with a unique QR code. You can check on our website that it is authentic and issued by our organisation. We then send you an email, indicating its availability on our website, together with a link for its payment.

Concrete benefits

  • You get proof of your competence

    If you follow our guidelines you’ll comply with the law, and if you suffer computer attacks or internal negligence leading to data loss, the infringement of rights or claims from third-parties or consumers, you will have traceable proof as a disclaimer.

  • Specialized value judgment

    You’ll get the specialised and qualified legal guidance of experts in Website Compliance Reviews and international privacy who will establish whether or not your website complies with the law in your target markets.

  • Reputation management

    You won’t get a negative reputation for failing to obey the law. You will also take care of your brand and of your good commercial name. Don’t forget that a damaged reputation also leads to social rejection, loss of trust in your products, lost contracts, boycotts, lost income, etc.

  • Transparency

    You’ll get correct legal guidance on how to inform your users in a transparent, clear and concise manner.

  • Control of Unfair Competition

    You’ll find out if other websites are taking advantage of your domain and brand for the purposes of unfair competition.

  • You will avoid penalties and fines

    You’ll reduce the risk of contingencies due to failings in regulatory or administrative and even legal compliance.

  • Control of infringements of intellectual and industrial property and links

    You’ll get a report examining your potential infringement of third-party industrial or intellectual property rights and the soundness of your links.

  • Control by senior management

    Our report provides senior management with adequate supervision of the website implementation, serving as control for continuous improvement.

  • Supplier due diligence

    You’ll revise all of the contracts you have signed with suppliers, web developers and designers, hosting, information security managers etc. After applying due diligence measures they will be assessed and recommendations potentially made for the establishment of additional guarantees.

  • ISO-IEC 27001 and 27701

    Our report supervises compliance with information security management system standards, generating trust in your customers and users

Our team

  • Iñaki Jauregui Navarro
    Expert and speaker on Website Compliance Review at conferences, seminars and webinars. National Expert in Compliance and Data Protection Officer. Lead Auditor ISO 27001. Bachelor of Law and Degree in Business Studies.

  • Leire López Mateo
    Compliance and Privacy Expert. Data Protection Officer. ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Double degree in Law and Business. Higher Compliance Program IE Business School. Cescom Compliance Certification.

  • Dmytro Krasilchuk
    Legal Counsel. National Compliance Expert. International privacy expert. Degree in law. Master of Law

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