Cyber ​​audit Web ISO-IEC 27001 and 27701

Cybersecurity audit

We will evaluate if your website is technically secure or easily hackable.

Website Compliance assessment audit

We evaluate if your website complies with all the laws and internal regulations of your organization, determining the level of compliance with Annex 18 of ISO/IEC 27001.

Website RGPD Compliance Audit

We review if your website complies with the legal regulations regarding data protection and cookies.

LEX 4 AUDIT Cyberaudit

We evaluate and analyze all possible risks to guarantee the cybersecurity of your website and compliance with the law.

We are leaders

A unique Cyber-Audit Service in Spain. We evaluate the risks of computer technical security and legality of web pages.
Our evaluation will help you to know if you have done everything well (1%), you can improve it (99%) or perhaps you are doing it very badly (75% of audited websites).
100% of website owners state that they want to comply with computer security and the Law. Normally, management and marketing directors do not know how to make a secure website that complies with the law. They trust their hired professionals and it is true that sometimes they do not implement the highest security, legal and ethical standards.
But these types of mistakes are costly when information is compromised, or there is an unwanted hacker access or denial of service attack, or a complaint from some angry person that leads to a fine, and reputational damage.

How does it work?

You purchase the service. Within 72 hours, one of our specialist Auditors-Evaluators will contact you to introduce himself, request documentation and arrange an interview/s with the responsible persons.

You will obtain a legal report where we point out our findings of non-compliance and give our recommendations. The Report is formulated under registration incorporating a unique tracking QR code.

Concrete benefits

If you follow our guidelines you will comply with the Law, and in the event that you suffer computer attacks or internal negligence that lead to data loss, violations of rights or claims by third parties or consumers, you will have traceable evidence as a disclaimer
You will avoid the negative public perception and dissatisfaction of customers and business partners for failing to comply with security and legality. In addition, this type of incident can damage your brand image or business name, or create a wrong perception among your customers about the goodness of your services and the quality of your products. Do not forget that associated with reputational damage is social rejection, loss of contracts, boycotts, decreases in billing, etc.
You will have the correct information security and legality orientation to inform clients and users in a transparent, clear and concise manner
You will be able to know if other websites are taking advantage of your domain and brand, and are engaging in unfair competition
You will reduce the risk of contingencies in terms of sanctions for breaches of computer security and regulatory breaches.
You’ll get a report examining your potential infringement of third-party industrial or intellectual property rights and the soundness of your links.
Our report provides Senior Management with adequate supervision of the implementation of the security and legality of the website, serving as a control for continuous improvement.
You will review the contracts you have signed with providers such as web developers and designers, hosting companies, information security managers, etc. and after applying due diligence measures, they are evaluated and recommended, where appropriate, to establish additional contractual guarantees.