LEX Global Terms, the dynamic legal texts that adapt to the country of your users.

The legal texts that every website needs to comply with the law. Apply to your users the laws of their country (privacy policy, cookie policy, legal notice, terms and conditions).

Avoid fines!

With LEX Global Terms you will have:

Legal text generator

You don’t have to know about law to configure them correctly, we will only ask you for information about your business or website and based on it we will generate your personalized legal texts .

Professional legal texts

All legal texts and their translations are done by specialized lawyers. Multi-language information, in natural language and with transparent information.

Adapted texts

Each country has its own language and laws, so the texts vary depending on the visitor’s residence. With LEX Global Terms you will adapt your legal texts to the country of your users (cookies policy, legal notice, etc.).

Instant updates

If the law changes, we will change your policies for you, instantly, and your site will remain compliant with the law forever.


LEX Global Terms is a uniquely configured product. Comply with the law as Amazon, Aliexpress, adapt the texts and guarantees of your ecommerce to the residence regulations of each of your buyers and users.

LEX 4Web Pro +
Lex Global Terms
by domain
  • Cookie Consent
  • Age consent
  • Multi-language
  • Blockchain technology
  • Registration of consents
  • Analytical campaign (optional)
  • Legal texts Web
  • Own advertising
Up to 100,000 visits per month

What kind of texts should I put?

Each Web is unique, if you are not sure what texts you need, contact us and we will advise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about LEX Global Terms.

What are the legal texts?

The legal texts that a Web must have are privacy policy, cookies policy, legal notice and terms of use. If you have an ecommerce, the general terms and conditions are also mandatory.

I have the legal texts copied from another website. Are they useful?

No, they are no good. They have to be adapted to each legal change and to the jurisprudence. In addition, your texts must be appropriate to your website, describe your activity records, who are responsible and in charge, etc.

What happens if I don’t have the legal texts correctly in my Web?

The data protection information, the legal notice, and your policies must be visible and correctly explained and accessible to users and correctly worded. If they are not correct, they can lead to fines and you can be sanctioned if someone reports you.