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We made wesbite compliance easy

We ensure you comply with data and user privacy laws worldwide. One tool to rule all the privacy chaos your company is facing currently. Protect your business from fines and at the same time protect your users.

Comply and Relax

LEX 4Web


You will automatically comply with all of the privacy laws and digital services in place all over the world: California, Brazil, Thailand, India, South Korea... with no limits.


We protect children and young people. Your warnings will comply with the different digital ages of consent anywhere in the world.


We secure your previously existing information and consents in Blockchain. Transparency and anonymity with no conditions.


Our report supervises your website compliance with the legal standards dictated by the ISMS

LEX Global Terms

Your legal notices, privacy policy, cookie policy and terms of use will comply with national and international law. Updates at the moment according to the law that corresponds to your users and in their own language.

LEX Ecommerce

General contract terms and conditions in compliance with the law of every country. Sell worldwide, without borders, distinguishing the different guarantees, of return, money refund or your different warehouses.

Cyber audit LEX 4Audit

We are Auditors. We evaluate and analyze the cybersecurity risks of your website, detecting vulnerabilities and avoiding hacks. Our Lawyers will verify that your website complies with legal requirements.

Our Team

Experts in "Website Compliance" and International Privacy, we are lawyers specialized in GDPR Data protection, Privacy, Compliance, information security auditors and computer forensic experts.


Digital Footprint

We help you to clean up your digital footprint.

Recover your Data

Recover the control of your data and exercise your rights as a user, recording your requests in Blockchain.


The forum of users who want privacy and organise themselves to demand it.

Global privacy at a glance

Get to know the privacy laws worldwide. We simplify knowledge.

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