Why it is important to delete cookies from your computer or mobile

If you use your computer or mobile to access your bank account, to make online purchases, or online payments, it is possible that the cookies that are recorded on your computer, laptop or mobile are storing, collecting, spying on and taking all your data. of accesses, credit cards and personal information.

It is important to delete cookies from your devices because all the information they collect can be used to hack your bank account, steal your money from the bank, or extort you through your personal information

Keep in mind that every time an Internet search is made from a computer or mobile, a trace will always be generated, whether it is the time you have been looking at a web page, a video, an image, reading a text, a news, everything on the internet is created to capture data.

Visit of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre

This month of May 2022, the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) has visited LEXPROGRAM offices, where we have been able to talk about the main project we are carrying out of LEX 4Web, a widget that helps to comply with the law of the web pages respecting the user. We also talked about other cybersecurity and Web legality issues and discussed the situation of the Basque Country in these matters.

We realized that we are on the right track, but that there is still a lot of work to be done.

It has been an honor to share time to learn more about the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem and receive the support of the BCSC where it motivates us and gives us strength to continue improving day by day with all the projects we have and that will come in the future.

Thank you very much for everything.

LEX PROGRAM at the Irun Wordcamp 2022

As every year (although in recent years it has not been possible due to the pandemic) the Word camp of Irun 2022 will be held and we, LEX PROGRAM will be present, we will even give a presentation.

In this event, all the experts, followers and people who use or know the WordPress content manager, get together to chat about various topics related to websites, SEO, cybersecurity, etc.

Of course, we could not miss an event as important as this one. But we are not only going as guests but also as speakers!

Iñaki Jauregui, our CEO, is going to give a talk about GDPR and its situation in the different platforms of Facebook, Google… very interesting.

In addition, the presentation will be recorded in Stream so we will leave it here below so you can watch it.

You already have the talk on the GDPR with the title “How to escape the GDPR, and not die trying!

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RESPECT Campaign

Every day consumers and companies are monitored on the Internet.

Digital multinationals store and process our information about what we like, our purchases, our physical and mental health, sexual orientation, location, and political, union and religious opinions and thoughts.

They violate our privacy without any kind of control. We users have no way of knowing what data they collect, with whom they share the information and how they use it. However, these companies have identified and profiled us under the excuse of personalized advertising.

Most of us don’t want to be spied on, nor do we want to receive advertisements based on them reading our emails or listening to our conversations. Nor do we want to be profiled. We oppose these practices that violate our right to privacy.

Cookies and trackers assist in this illegal collection of information. Website owners, most of the time uninformed, insert them to obtain small advantages in digital marketing without knowing that, at the same time, they are selling data of their own online business and clientele.

With this information, digital multinationals:

1- They manipulate the market and consumers.

2- They discriminate against consumers.

3- They provide biased and erroneous information.

4- They carry out unfair competition.

5- They increase the security risks of our personal data.

WE DEMAND RESPECT because it is possible to sell advertising space without relying on intimate details of consumers.

We want a transparent advertising market, without surveillance or spying on users and where content providers are rewarded for the quality of their content.

Just these days, privacy associations in Europe and the U.S. have called on American and European governments to take action to stop practices that threaten citizens’ privacy rights. We adhere to this Charter without hesitation.

We have a prize!

After months of mentoring, classes and constant acceleration, our participation in the Incibe Cyberseurity Ventures has culminated with the Demo Day at the 15th ENISE.

The event was attended by more than 2,200 people and we had the opportunity to present LEX 4Web to thousands of companies.

We take this opportunity to thank the great team of INCIBE – Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad, the most involved mentor in the world Luis Sendino Hermosilla and all the other mentors who have made us bigger and more ambitious in our project. It was intense and we would repeat it with our eyes closed. Now it’s time to prepare for Web Summit 2021.

During the Incibe Cyberseurity Ventures (international acceleration program) only some people from the team could attend in person, but behind our privacy platform there is a lot of talent and a lot of enthusiasm.

The applause we received on the stage of the 15th Enise, today we dedicate it to them.

Thanks team for the hours, the patience and the bet! and this is just the beginning….


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