Features of our solutions

LEX4 Web

Displays the legal cookie consent

The last generation cookie banner, where you will not load scripts or third party trackers until the user accepts or gives his consent. Your website will always respect the law and will load only what your user decides.

We focus on:

Traffic statistics of your web sites

Find out where your visits come from, being these of quality and obtaining useful data that will serve to analyze the traffic of your website.

Analytics of web visits adapted to the RGPD

All data collected will be GDPR compliant and you can even see the number of cookies rejected and accepted on each visit to your website and distinguish human and bot traffic.

LEX Global Terms

Dynamic general terms and conditions for Ecommerce adapted to each country

Online stores, e-commerce and any business with internet sales must inform of the different delivery times and guarantees, distinguishing country by country. With our dynamic configuration you will comply. Unique service in the world.

Legal texts for landing pages

If you are a company that does not sell products online and you want to have a good corporate image.