LEX 4Web, the only “Website Privacy Compliance” cookie banner

Secure your website and protect your users from Cookies and Scripts with the most complete consent banner on the market.

LEX 4Web offers you:


Your privacy policies and cookies adapt automatically to national laws and international.


Use your own analysis or the different services like Google Analytics 4, Matomo, Plausible, etc


Obtain consents for processing of sensitive data such as criminal records, health, financial data.


Issue your receipts user consent pursuant to ISO/IEC 29184 and ensures its traceability.


Complies with laws regarding child protection protecting minors.


Complies with the privacy requests from user browsers.


Direct exercise of rights by the user and automated response.


Register the contact and newsletter sending consents. Complies with different shipping laws commercial.

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Each website is unique, if you have questions, contact us so we can advise you on the best solution for you.

Did you know that…

99% of consent banners on the market do not comply with the law.

We do and thanks to our service, you will too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about LEX 4Web.

Is LEX 4Web a Cookies banner?

It is, but it goes much further. We have evolved the cookie banner to truly block cookies and scripts, and also integrate child protection, consumer protection and audiovisual content protection.

Will I avoid GDPR fines with LEX 4Web?

Indeed, if you configure it correctly, you will forget about all kinds of fines and you will have peace of mind because your website always complies with the law.

Can I see how the banner looks on my website?

Contact and we will do a test for you.

I have more than 100,000 visits a month. How much does LEX 4Web cost?

If your website exceeds 100,000 visits per month and you want to use LEX4 Web, contact us. We will give you the best quality at the best price.

I don’t know WordPress or programming. How do I install LEX 4Web on my website?

Don’t worry, if you purchase LEX 4Web we have the option for us to install it for you and get everything up and running, turnkey. Contact.

Is it possible to publish our own privacy policy with your system?

Yes, just link to your own privacy policy. Now, international compliance is complex, so we recommend that you seek advice from national and international experts. We are a platform and we provide technical-legal tools. You are responsible for your website and your diligence and good work.

Is it possible to change the message and links in the cookie banner?

It is not possible to do so. Our banner text complies with the requirement of prior information and transparency, consequently, they may not comply with the Law if the cookie banner does not have the prior information.

Does your database not contain the cookies that we have inserted in our web pages?

You can incorporate and add the cookies you use with the description you consider, the categorization, the duration, and the link to the privacy policy.

Your cookie notice is not in Hebrew, is it possible that they incorporate my native language?

We have incorporated the Hebrew language in the display. We currently offer it in 37 languages and aim to offer it in 70 languages in the near future. We offer legal texts in 7 languages, and our goal is to offer it in 37 languages within one year.

What specific measures have you included for child protection?

Succinctly they are: 1) when the minor indicates that he/she is a minor, data processing is automatically blocked and suspended 2) If the minor accesses services where he/she is not authorized by indicating an age higher than the one he/she really has, we cannot prevent the access since he/she makes a false declaration, but we do note and keep in a traceable way such declaration, which makes possible the exclusion of the responsibility of the owner of the web. 3) The adult pages include a protective layer of the page content, so that in the same way that video games are warned that access to the content is not allowed. 4) The ages are dynamic and vary according to the regulations of each country.

Can I use the same product on two web pages that I own?

No, each license is assigned to a web page (referer). This allows us to ensure traceability and proof of consent.

Is there a way to purchase your product without linking and annual subscription?

Our product is offered as Saas “Software as a Service”, under the pay-per-use concept. We are leaders in privacy technology and we will continue to be so in the coming years. You contract the monthly payment, and you can stop using it whenever you want. If you trust us, we suggest the annual subscription, as there are significant savings.

I want to correct an invoice. Can it be done?

Contact our technical service. In the SAT you will be able to change or claim incorrect invoice issuances. For security and compliance with tax regulations, invoices are sequenced numerically and are not modified, a credit invoice and a new invoice would be issued with the correctly incorporated data.

¿Lex Web se puede utilizar en entornos como Shopify, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop?

Our product is developed in pure Javascript, it can be embedded in any system.

We have a website with more than 100,000 subpages (each subpage is a reference) How can I easily place the LEX WEB?

Other customers use the same subpage generator to inject our tag in the creation of those 100,000 subpages.

Is it possible that your product supports the TCF 2 protocol?

Our format is incompatible with the IAB TCF 2, unfortunately, the TCF 2 Data Exchange Protocol does not comply with the RGPD. In fact, the Belgian supervisory authority has opened an investigation against IAB Europe and the Irish ICCL Council, has detected electoral manipulations, classifications by gender ideology, conduct contrary to the law by inappropriate transmission of sensitive and special category data.