LEX PROGRAM at the Irun Wordcamp 2022

As every year (although in recent years it has not been possible due to the pandemic) the Word camp of Irun 2022 will be held and we, LEX PROGRAM will be present, we will even give a presentation.

In this event, all the experts, followers and people who use or know the WordPress content manager, get together to chat about various topics related to websites, SEO, cybersecurity, etc.

Of course, we could not miss an event as important as this one. But we are not only going as guests but also as speakers!

Iñaki Jauregui, our CEO, is going to give a talk about GDPR and its situation in the different platforms of Facebook, Google… very interesting.

In addition, the presentation will be recorded in Stream so we will leave it here below so you can watch it.

You already have the talk on the GDPR with the title “How to escape the GDPR, and not die trying!

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