Privacy Protection Platform

What is it?

Imagine a platform that is capable of recognizing you when you connect, making a world without passwords a reality. This platform anonymizes your identity to third parties, where you manage your profiles and web access either jointly or individually, either anonymously or identified, with zero-trust technical security. A platform that does not share your information with anyone you do not want, encrypts and distributes your data, so that only you and those you want to see them can access them, and can prevent third-party access and delete them when you want. An efficient and ecologically sustainable platform that stores your data where you reside and not in third countries without any relation to you. A platform on which your data can be used anonymously for science if you wish, and on which you can develop your email, chat, video, or any other applications. That ideal platform is closer than ever before…

Where will your data be stored and processed?

We apply Data Sovereignty wherever you reside.

Will your data be in the cloud?

The Platform’s system can be implemented in the cloud, under Cloud Sovereignty, and if you contract the cloud services, your data will be stored there.

What are the benefits for companies?

Being 100% compliant means more than just storing data in the same country where residents and nationals reside. While Amazon, Google, and Azure have started offering data storage in each country, data sovereignty involves more than just that. What is the point of storing data in France if the applications are executed in the USA, Russia, or China? We guarantee execution in your data space to ensure full compliance with regulations.

When will it be available?

We have completed the research and started the development of prototypes. Do you have a use case? Are you interested? Contact us

Can AI and ML be applied to data?

Yes, we have a license for a homomorphic encryption that allows algebraic reading and execution of data.

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