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Comparative table

Legal controls on a Compliance Web site.

ControlsLEX4 WebCookiefirstCookiebotOneTrust
1- Information in native language. The users must be able to choose their language.
2- Laws tailored to the user based on their residence (country and state)
3- Child protection. Dynamic age access restriction to protect minors
4- Keep proof of prior information and consent.
5- Control of privacy with default blocking of tracking and marketing cookies
6- Users can obtain their consent and rights based on ISO 29184
7- Information presented in a clear, transparent, and easy-to-understand language
8- CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliance and default exclusion of data sale or transfer
9- Blocking of JavaScript trackers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cybersecurity? Why is it important?

Cybersecurity is a preventive defense strategy that uses techniques and tools to avoid, prevent, and protect against digital cyberattacks such as ransomware, phishing, or hacking. A cybersecurity website can save you from unpleasant experiences.

What is a cybersecurity audit? How is it done?

A cybersecurity audit is a process of evaluating the information security of an organization. It is performed to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, and thus, take necessary measures to correct and enhance the security of information systems.

What is Lex Program? What are its values?

We are a firm of lawyers and programmers whose mission is to enforce the law, ensure privacy and cybersecurity for users and give back the power of data. Technological disruption and excellence to provide the best service are in our DNA.

Can I work in cybersecurity?

If you are an expert in cybersecurity and you are looking for a job, contact us to see the needs and offers we have in that field.

What is GDPR Cookie compliance?

E-privacy requires informing and obtaining prior consent from users in a transparent, unambiguous, and explicit manner to use cookies and trackers that process personal data (such as IP addresses, identifiers, search history, etc.).

How should the cookie notice be?

The cookie notice must adapt to each visiting user and be clear and concise, making it as easy to accept as to reject. Our product LEX 4Web covers you in this regard.

What is data privacy?

Data privacy refers to all personal and intimate data belonging to an individual. On the internet, user privacy is often violated, and data is used illicitly and transferred without the owner’s permission.

How to protect data privacy?

There are many ways to protect user data privacy. With our Consent Widget, the user has at all times control over what happens to the private data that he/she has voluntarily decided to share.

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