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LEX 4Web
Website Compliance Platform

Data Privacy as a service with which you comply with all international data protection, child protection and consumer protection laws.
Subscription prices per domain. Prices shown do not include territorial taxes such as value-added taxes.

LEX 4Web Pro
by domain
  • Cookie Consent
  • Age consent
  • Multi-language
  • Blockchain technology
  • Registration of consents
  • Own advertising
Up to 100,000 visits per month

*Websites with more than 100.000 monthly visits:

LEX 4Audit (Cyber-audit)

We audit your website so you know if it is legal and cybersecure. Choose your audit.

Website Compliance Audit
  • Data protection
  • Tenderness and transparency
  • Transfer of data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Good Governance
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Legal Notices
  • Child protection
  • Industrial Property
  • General terms and conditions
  • International transfers
  • International standards
  • Domains
  • External links
  • Sector regulation
Cybersecurity audit
  • Certificates, permissions, encryption and encryption keys.
  • Identification of malicious traffic, identification of backdoors and malicious code.
  • Insecure web content, out-of-date content, content from external services
  • Email security and encryption
  • Compliance with nist, pci and dss safety standards.
  • Exposure on the darkweb, alerts of mentions of your organization.
  • Domain names, access credentials and presence in domain lists.
Website RGPD Compliance
  • Data protection
  • Cookies
  • Bidding and transparency of prior information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Legal Notices
  • Child protection
  • Data transfers
  • International transfers
  • Compliance with international standards
LEX 4AUDIT Cyber Audit

We evaluate and analyze all possible risks to ensure the cybersecurity of your website and legal compliance in accordance with ISO-IEC 27001 and 27701 (Full Audit) standards.

  • Certificates
  • Permits
  • Encryption and encryption keys
  • Identification of malicious traffic
  • Identification of backdoors and malicious code
  • Insecure web content
  • Upgrades
  • The content of external services
  • e-mail security and encryption
  • Compliance with nist, pci, dss safety standards
  • Exposure on the darkweb
  • Alerts for mentions of your organization
  • Domain names
  • Access credentials
  • Presence on domain lists; data protection, legality and transparency of prior information, cookie policy, privacy policy, legal notices, child protection, data transfers, international transfers, international standards, domains, intellectual property and industrial property, external links, good governance, general conditions, legal notice, terms of use, sectorial regulation.

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Advantages of counting on us:

Certified quality

Our service has been awarded by the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).

A product with global coverage

No matter where you are or where your customers are, with us you are always covered.

One installation, complete coverage.

Save time and gain peace of mind leaving everything in our hands, do not worry and dedicate yourself to what you really want.

A team at your disposal

You will always have a team that can answer any questions or doubts you may have.

Documentation on the go

We offer guidelines to help you understand your needs and obligations so you can choose the best product.

Constant innovation

Our technology is constantly evolving to ensure that we offer you the most complete product on the market.