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Conditions of use 

The https://lexprogram.com website is addressed to: All public. 

The access and use of the website and the Services by minors of the indicated age / s is expressly prohibited. By accessing and using the website and the Services, you declare and guarantee that you are over the age (s) indicated. 

By means of this notice, we inform the visitor of the terms and conditions of use governing the access to and consultation of our web page. The web page holder reserves the right to make changes to them at any time and with no prior warning. The terms and conditions existing at all times will be applied to the user, recording their visit with a timestamp, including the IP, which is stored with the user ID and anonymised. 

The access to and use of said services by visitors or users implies full and implicit acceptance, with no reservations whatsoever, of these terms of use and general conditions of access. 

Users are understood to be all visitors to the web page. We indistinctly use the term user or visitor when referring to all users. However, when recognising rights and assuming obligations we distinguish between two types of user according to the interest of the user in their visit: 

• Users-Consumers: Those who visit our website due to curiosity or the desire to satisfy a personal interest, whether to obtain information, documentation, read, view, personally consume or purchase, or to hire personal products and services. 

• Users with an economic or professional interest: Those who visit the page due to an interest in obtaining any kind of professional gain or compensation with economic value and those who visit it due to a task or participation in the activities of an organisation, whether public or private. 

According to this interest, and within a same privacy policy, we assume and endeavour to meet all provisions in favour of the privacy of user-consumers. However, we must warn those who visit us with an economic or professional intention or interest that they are excluded from certain rights corresponding solely to users-consumers. We therefore publicly announce that we place our own interest and the defence of our know-how before users with economic or professional interest. 

Additionally, our web page may allow for the recording of users. In this case, when the user creates an account they declare that the data entered is accurate and that they have the rights, powers and authority necessary to open the user account, as well as their undertaking to fulfil the contractual obligations established in this document. Furthermore, the user undertakes to provide and keep the information referring to themselves or to their organisation updated, exact and complete; to maintain confidentiality in regard to their User Account and registration credentials; and to restrict access to their User Account by alien third parties. The accounts of registered users can be cancelled or suspended in the event of detecting falsification in the information supplied, inaccuracy of data which are relevant and essential for the relationship, identity theft or the use of third-party data without authorisation. 

All visitors promise upon access to use this web page according to these terms of use and general conditions, the law, public order, ethics and generally accepted good manners. By way of an example, but without this implying a description of all Prohibited behaviour, we mention the following: 

Prohibited behavior 

Visitors are forbidden to: 

• Use the email to send unsolicited bulk messages (spam). 

• Send and supply information or add contents or opinions which violate existing laws. 

• Send and supply information, or add false, inexact and misleading content or opinions. 

• Register users who do not meet the legal requirements established by the law or in the general terms and conditions of access to this web page. 

• Register users on behalf of third persons if they do not have an express and written authorisation from said third person. In the event of incidents, accusations or complaints, the user shall provide reliable evidence of the documents proving their representation and its validity at the moment of making the subscription. If said authorisation is untrue, the user accepts their responsibility in relation to making false declarations and representations. 

• Use an account without authorisation of the registered user. To protect the user, we proactively pursue the impersonation and theft of user identity. 

• Send and supply information or add content and opinions which violate the intellectual or industrial property of a third party or belonging to us. 

• Send and supply information, add content or opinions over which they have no legitimate right to communication and publication. By way of an example, barriers to the communication of information are: breaking the law, a contractual obligation, a duty of confidentiality, a duty of secrecy, or the duty to preserve information in a reserved, privileged or protected manner. 

• Send and supply illegal information or add illegal content or opinions. For example, without implying limitation and delimitation, that which: 

a) Is denigrating for reasons of sex, race, colour, language, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, economic position, birth or other status; 

b) Is slanderous, offensive or insulting towards natural persons or organisations; 

c) Violates the law in subjects of pornography, sex, privacy, paedophilia, explicit violence, gambling, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol or other activities forbidden by the legislator; 

d) Is malicious and deceitful, tending to create concepts or false images of reality. 

e) Prompts violence towards persons, animals or things, including that which could imply injury or self-inflicted personal harm. 

• Send and supply data, or information, or proceed with behaviour directed at illegal activities, such as: 

a) Harmful, malicious or dangerous computer programs, codes or algorithms, such as: computer viruses and all kinds of computer files or code programs with the ability to interrupt, destroy, compromise or limit the functionality of devices, hardware, software or telecommunications networks; 

b) Manipulating or altering the web page or its identification details; 

c) Manipulating connections and/or the identity data of visitors in such a way as to favour the concealment of identity with a view to enabling the perpetration of damage, offences, unlawful acts or crimes; 

d) Carrying out reverse engineering, interfering in the web page, disabling security measures, preventing normal functioning, decrypting or decompiling the technical security measures implemented for the purposes of managing and protecting our web page. 

e) Using robot crawlers to collect or extract data with a view to accessing, consulting, downloading or collecting our content and information without authorisation. 

f) Creating links or references or sharing publication using motors, software, tools, agents, devices or mechanisms (including data mining tools, robots, spiders, crawlers and automated scripts). 

g) Using unauthorised interfaces to obtain information whose dissemination, distribution or communication has not been authorised beforehand. We announce that for reasons of technical security we can supervise the user’s activity on our web page and also edit and delete user content which violates or does not comply with these General Terms and Conditions. 

Other legal terms 

In the event of the violation of these terms and conditions or any of our web page content, the web page holder reserves the right to take the legal and security measures they deem to be appropriate with a view to protecting its legitimate rights, including the RIGHT OF EXCLUSION, which consists of denying or withdrawing access to its website and/or the services offered with no need for prior warning. The holder may also cancel the user account, as well as suspending or interrupting our service… 

The translated versions of the terms and conditions are provided in order that the user may understand the texts in their native language. The translations have been made by expert professionals and we understand them to be appropriate; however, an error of translation is possible despite our efforts of supervision and control. 

The translated texts do not therefore entail obligations, substitute the original version by the web editor or have any legal validity. In the event of doubts or conflicts with respect to their interpretation, the original version in the language of the country of the web editor will prevail over the versions in other languages. 

The parties expressly agree that, for any questions or disputes arising from the interpretation, fulfilment and execution of this contract, the jurisdiction and competence will lie with the corresponding courts and tribunals. If the parties are a user-consumer and Lex Program Online S.L. the right to decide the court of justice will correspond to the user-consumer. If the parties are a natural or legal person with lucrative economic interest, designation of the court of justice will correspond to Lex Program Online S.L. , designating that of the web holder’s registered address. 

End of the use of our web page 

The web holder reserves the right, without penalty and at any time without warning, to change or interrupt (temporarily or permanently) access by the user to our web page and our services. 

The user can cancel their user account, if they have one, at any time. In order to oppose the processing of your data, request its erasure or withdraw consent, please consult the Privacy Policy. After cancellation of the account, you can continue to enjoy the web page and its free services for unregistered users. 

Severability and integrity of the legal texts included in the web page 

If any of the General Terms and Conditions of Access were considered to be void, invalid or in any way legally unenforceable, it would be removed without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses and provisions. 

The Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy for users-consumers or, where applicable, for persons with professional economic interest, the Cookies Policies, the Terms and Conditions of Use, and the General Conditions of Contract constitute the full agreement and commitment with our users. 

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